Zheng Zhao

My work focuses on discovering and exploring myself. I am finding that the complexity of the social environment has caused some people to create roles that deal with issues as diverse as vanity and safety. As they face different people and/or situations, they wear different masks to decorate themselves, and they forget who their raw selves are. As a participant in society, I am also inevitably affected by this issue. Like ants trapped in the box, I cannot escape the illusion of imagination, hypothesis, and fantasy. I gradually got used to living with a mask. If you take the mask away - is there a “real” me hidden under the cover of the decoration and illusion? Or am I a product of the decoration and illusion? This project seeks to examine the effects of visual representation on the construction of personal identity and the possibility for an authentic representation. I was exploring my external performance and internal self-awareness. I deconstruct myself by investigating on the physical level, such as appearance and traces; and on the mental level, such as cultural backgrounds and childhood experience.