Xiaolu Zhang

Savannah, GA
Xiaolu Zhang (M.F.A., painting, 2015; M.A., painting, 2012) was born in Chongqing, China. Currently a Savannah-based artist, Zhang’s work has been included in multiple solo and group exhibitions in Savannah, Georgia; Miami, Florida; China; Japan and Singapore. She recently had a solo exhibition titled "Sweet Aspirin" at Sulfur Studios gallery in Savannah. Zhang uses the term "chemical effect" to describe how she interacts with the different cultures she encounters and how this multicultural society influences her work. Zhang’s creations not only relate to the exploration of cultural differences but also to the observation of society from unique perspectives. This process of immersing herself in multicultural experiences informs her work. From her early realistic and experimental abstract paintings to her more recent printmaking and mixed-media pieces, it’s easy to see her development toward the material, artistic language and visual interest. Zhang’s works, conflicting yet harmonious, exist concurrently and in balance. Her work is adapted to indicate and represent the anxiety and cruelty of society through humor and innocence, without preaching or subjective condemnation. However, the metaphors and surrealistic imagination in her work reveal her attitude of empathy and introspection and thoughts about memory and the unknown puzzles of life.