Tianxing Xu

Savannah, GA
I am a visual artist primarily using oil and acrylic on canvas as my medium. My interest is in observing religion and religious art from an atheist's perspective. In these topics, I focus on the violence and fragility of religion. All religions differ only in the degree of complexity of the forms, and all the core appeals reflect the needs of human beings. The believer's seeking of sacrifice and the abandonment of self-thinking are followed by the image of the holy collapsing itself from the inside. In my work, I try to mix elements from different religions, into metaphors and explore the similarities between them. With the figurative and flat representation approach, I try to give the audience more space to think about the content. My purpose is to ask questions about problems with religion, not to offer solutions. The audience through their self-consciousness and knowledge of religion, and even beliefs, go on to become collaborators in the production of the meaning of the work.