Savannah, GA
This human experience has revealed itself as a journey to the center of all existence culminating in the collective source’s consciousness, therefore, I approach my painting practice through meditation honoring the divine source of life. In the conception phase, I focus my intention upon a thought believed to have the power to raise the overall vibration of life. Reality materializes as a three-dimensional mirage of experiences both wanted and unwanted. This façade of existence appears finite when in fact, it is changing with each unaffected thought capable of autonomously manipulating the storylines matching your true vibrations in real-time. Realized or not, thoughts tangibly arrive on the manifesting plain in whatever color, shape, or form meticulously for the purpose of giving you exactly what you think about most. Think Santa is cool? The Universe’s incomprehensible intellect aligns every user’s desired experiences by matching the vibrational storylines beautifully like a composer orchestrating a labyrinth of symphonic masterpieces guaranteed to perpetuated intelligence forward. As a result, sharing formal education from the school of hard knocks to assist humanity in achieving a harmonious universal alignment with the self-awareness fit enough to usher in a more advanced society has become the catalyst behind my passion to create. When creating my often-large-scale masterworks I use spray paint, gesso, acrylic, pigment powder, and oil paint the achieve a playful layering effect that speaks to the passage of time using both subtractive and additive processes. I am a first-gen graduate who earned BFA from SCAD in the Fine Arts of Painting and now I’m in hot pursuit of my Master’s. I currently reside in Savannah, Ga.