Raphael Bahindwa

My name is Raphael Bahindwa and I was born in the DRC (Congo). Now, I’m currently living in Atlanta GA. I moved to America in May 2014 with a dream of becoming an artist. Back home in the Congo, artists are not respected like in America or anywhere in Europe. In my opinion, the best way for any artist to be inspired to create, is to have people motivate each other. Without a support system for artists, it won’t be easy for them to grow. I personally didn’t have a good support system back home, except my family members. I want to create work that will one day be appreciated it by people. I occasionally give art talks to give my audience context on my work and explain to them the deeper meaning. As an artist, the only way I can tell my story is through my work. Through my work I get to learn a lot about myself and the people who are viewing my work. My style mostly talks about what I feel in that present time while I paint, and sometimes I try to imagine how my world would look like in the future. People always ask what was my true career choice was as a kid. They always expected me to say something like computer science or law, sometimes business. But I always tell them that painting has always been my love, and that’s something that will never change.