Nikita Nagpal

Nikita is a Brooklyn based artist who explores ideas by transforming materials through the improvisational movement of the hand. Continuity and repetition of spontaneous actions, where the hand behaves like a precise tool, allows her expressions to emerge: It is a phenomenon she examines to understand the way “form” occurs in craft. She refer to this act of making as a “behavior” with no anticipated outcome, but at the same time a serious play, often where first contact is made and where genuine self-discovery and revelation occurs. The important aspect of making through her hand is the fact that it is the point of contact between herself and outside world including paint, canvas, air, time and space. It allows her to experience the world, produce thoughts, feelings and opinions which leads her into an unknown otherness. She finds this process meditative often where, she opens herself to the flow of the experiences through physical actions which further connects her to her higher self, to her environment and everything in between. The more she engages herself into it, the more she loses herself in it. It allows her to rediscover herself.