nikita malik

Claude Monet said, “I perhaps owe having become a painter to flowers”. My journey as a textile artist couldn’t be described any better. In painting, I have found the most natural way to express myself. By constantly revealing something new to respond to, art allures me to represent nature. My transient upbringing and travels have influenced my artistic ideas as I explored the details of form and color in the gardens from my childhood. My work is about the pleasure of observing and seeking an alchemy between the paint and the diversity of the world around me. For me, flora and fauna indicate the well being of the environment - they symbolize life. In the harmonious chaos of nature, I look for repetition, composition and celebration. It becomes a conscious starting point to new ideas, which become my sourcebook of design. As a storyteller, I express myself with imaginative and lively patterns that reflect a sense of optimism and playfulness. My work integrates my experiences and inspirations with a hope that it might expand, in some small measure, the way in which the world is viewed.