Kalli Padgett

Savannah, GA
Kalli Padgett (B.F.A., painting, 2018) is a mixed media and installation artist from Louisiana whose work is created with a love for humanity as its ultimate driving force. Padgett's concepts combine studies in anthropology, science, history and mythology with personal life experiences. The result is the creation of entirely new realms of reality where languages of abstraction and realism collide. "FIX," Padgett's most recent show, explores the concept of a collective human consciousness and its inclination to a mythological hero’s journey. Her latest body of work focuses on finding mythological patterns in humanity and using them as a formula to reconstruct reality, calling to mind a universal search for purpose. With shows in France, and in Colorado, Louisiana and Georgia in the U.S., the artist plans to exhibit her art globally and work collaboratively to help make the world a better place.