julie henry

Atlanta, GA
Julie Nellenback Henry is a multi media artist who creates abstract paintings and assemblage constructions using the strategies of layering, fragmentation and reduction. In her work, she blurs the relationships between architecture, landscape and the body. In her desire for a timeless expression , she constantly mines the seam between what is primitive and what is modern. Henry’s mother was a design student at RIT in the 1960's and her grandfather was a typewriter engineer for Smith Corona. She credits them both for her love of design. She also credits Thornton Dial as the artist who most influenced her to start painting. The honesty and bravery in his work woke her up to the power of art. Born in New York state in 1968, Henry’s family moved to the south when she was very young. Today she lives and works in Atlanta, Georgia where she has a devoted studio practice focusing on painting, textile collage and assemblage sculpture.