Jose Sanchez

Canton, GA
Born in Columbus GA to a military family I’ve called a lot of places home over the years but now I call it my wife Erika and our strange small dog. My name is Jose Sanchez. I am a freelance Illustrator and designer based out of Canton GA. Getting my BFA from SCAD Atlanta, I took my strange collection of passions and interests and developed them into the aesthetic that would define my work. My work tends toward the things I love and those things are comic books, spooky fantasies, punk rock album covers, sci-fi, horror, and b movie posters, the macabre, and goofy 80s movies. I will never not be proud to admit to having an impressive comic book collection and a sweet model of the Starship Enterprise. I now work as a freelance illustrator where I draw and design the sorts of things that I can only hope inspire people the same way that the art I grew up loving inspires me.