Ida Irby

Growing up in Mississippi I was mentored under the tutelage of Andrew Lark, who taught the importance of mastering value, contour, and composition seen in modern artist’s like artist Charles White. I joined the Army college first program in 2001 and attended the Savannah College of Art and Design the following year. After graduating from SCAD, my life’s path led me to serve eight years as a military photojournalist. As a photographer and writer my creative spirit flourished while I dedicated my life to narrating through digital photography. The process of documenting the war and rigorous training inspired me to capture angles that showed the essence of her subject. I used my love for depth of field, chiaroscuro lighting and composition in each image. The culture of the military informs both subjects and narratives in my work. I create art that holds a mirror to modern-day female warriors to create a space where both formalism and historical reflection convene. Each biographical depiction highlights historical customs and document changes within the armed forces. The collection of female veterans will be shared on an international scale to document the female faces of warfare and pay reverence to their dedication. I am no longer a journalist, but I share the stories of veterans through historical narrative art through my studio practice. My legacy and art will narrate the sacrifices of women and female leaders who are changing the landscape of our military, culture and way of life.