Elmer Ramos

Savannah, GA
Elmer Ramos (M.F.A., painting; B.F.A., illustration, 2016) is a printmaker who creates narratives from abstracted printed shapes and their relation to space, thus bridging the divide between representational and nonrepresentational — a distinction unique to each viewer — to form a concise yet ambiguous narrative. He believes narratives can be found in everyday objects — from a coffee stain to a brush stroke on a canvas — and that once found, those narratives can be reinterpreted in color and form. Ramos is a featured artist in “Alter-Ego,” an exchange portfolio of hand-pulled prints created for Southern Graphics Council International’s 2016 conference, “Flux,” in Portland, Oregon. He has exhibited throughout the U.S., including at Marrow, Portland, Oregon; Kai Lin Art, Atlanta, Georgia; and the U.S. Department of Education, Washington, D.C.