E Bruce Phillips, Jr

E. Bruce Phillips, Jr. (MFA, painting, 2002) is a Birmingham – based mixed-media artist. His artworks reveal concerns with the binaries of interior and exterior, form and space, and representation and abstraction. Created as a synthesis of painting, drawing and collage, the works fuse formal concerns with the representational image, which can be seen in his inclusion of photographs of exterior/interior spaces and architectural elements. Photographs taken by him are the starting point of the compositions founded in spatial relationships while abstracted forms radiate from the orthogonals (lines) of perspective found in each image. The compositions denouement is his exploration of color, locking hues into coherent, harmonious relationships. Phillips’ was born in Atlanta, Georgia. “Art has always been my passion. I remember a certain excitement and sense of fulfillment during a pilot art program for talented first graders. High school brought drafting to light; and college an opportunity to explore architecture.” In 2016, he was the recipient of the Individual Artists Fellowship with the Alabama State Council for the Arts. Phillips’ has shown his work in numerous solo and group exhibitions in the southern US and Germany.