Chris Pontello

Savannah, GA
My work awakens historical moments of bravery -- when someone has confronted adversity despite imminent repercussions. With empathy, I render the actions of heroes in order to honor them and to preserve the memory of their causes. In my paintings, when subjects teeter on and off the edge of the frame, they are teetering on and off the edge of awareness. When they fade between transparency and opacity so does their cause -- our cause. People tell me that my paintings feel like I’m painting someone’s soul. Figures rise, float, glide and fall through space as they traverse in and out of history’s memory. Some stories are never told. Instead they get lost to the void of misinformation. In a similar way, some compositions are lost in layers of flux. Wet pools of paint slide and drip in every direction as I continue to add more wet pools of paint. Nature and gravity take control and I have learned to trust in their decisions, to awaken and remember.