ChingYu Yeung

Selena Yeung is studying her B.F.A in Painting with a minor in Interior Design at the Savannah College of Arts and Design. She was raised and currently lives in Hong Kong. She likes to collect toys, read fantasy novels, watch animations, and observe different artworks because the activate her imagination and influence her painting. Her interests always show her a new or desired world. She is also obsessed to explore different people's imaginative worlds and their stories. Selena's artworks are about her inner world, imagination, and storytelling. She likes to challenge herself, is always curious to learn more, and appreciates each of the artists and creators that inspire her. Therefore, she works with different media and uses different styles no matter which is abstract, and which is realistic. When some of the painting or movie scenery attracts her, she will combine them with her toys in a painting. Appropriation plays a large part in Selena's work, as she adds to an existing narrative to complete the story. For example, Selena is inspired by Van Gogh's use of complementary colors, which add sharpness to painting. She strives to create this in her work. Selena is currently an undergrad student and plans to graduate in 2022. She looks forward to exhibiting her work in the future. Her drawing, " old bear”, was juried into " Drawing Works" at Alexander Hall Gallery at SCAD. The exhibition was curated by Ben Tollefson.