Anthony Alemany

South Berwick, ME
Anthony Alemany (B.F.A., animation, 2008) is a classically trained sculptor in southern Maine. In addition to his education at SCAD, Alemany studied figure sculpting at the Florence Academy of Art. After graduation, he worked at Chisel 3D in Atlanta, Georgia, where he was an integral part of a team of artists creating large-scale sculptures and installations. Then, Alemany moved to Maine, got married and made a career change as he spent the next eight years ascending the ladder of business management. Though he continued sculpting during this time, the fear of wasting his talent haunted him. This led him to return to his first love, born of fire, clay and metal. He found that his years in business management proved to be a fruitful cultivation of skills in leadership, communication, planning, project management and an old-fashioned zeal for hard work. Alemany enjoys portraits and re-examining classical narratives with contemporary eyes. He is passionate about exploring humanity’s hopes and struggles through the narrative of traditional sculpture, believing that there is something uniquely human about breathing creative life into clay. His approach to art is to link emotion through the expressive beauty of the figure while consciously and subconsciously allowing the work to speak, searching for new opportunities to express his artistic voice in traditional, yet fresh and relevant ways.