Anna Brody

Tucson, AZ
Anna Brody is a photographer and empath currently studying at the Savannah College of Art and Design in Georgia. Her work focuses primarily on longing, loneliness, contentment, cyclical mood shifts, and escapism, all as represented by or found within the social and built landscape. She also likes to take pictures of other people whose feelings she can see out loud. Since 2014 Anna has been an editorial assistant with Aint-Bad, an independent publisher of new photographic art. Her work has been shown in exhibitions throughout the U.S., and her ongoing series Edging, GA was most recently awarded as a winner of the 2017 PDN Photo Annual. She instagrams a lot, has strong and hasty reactions to things a lot, gets enthusiastic and/or sentimental about things a lot, and goes jogging approximately once every two months or so. Please feel extremely free to contact Anna at any time to purchase prints or ask questions, as she will most likely not be out exercising.