Andrew Shepherd

My experience of this world, just as with your experience of this world, is fundamentally absurd. It stretches far beyond this moment, collecting detritus as we pass through: memories, fragments of places, cultural artifacts, images, commodities. These things are real, physical, and referenceable. It is my intention to build a universal physical language for these artifacts. Abstraction and process are fundamental to this practice, offering me the tools to meander between artifacts and modes of making to build objects and installations that meet the viewer where they are. My work should prompt the viewer, asking you to wait and look, suggesting that you run your eyes along the sides, maybe listen to something. I am building in layers of meaning, but I want to give the audience the tools to put those layers together. I am asking that the viewer investigates the work, not just consume it. After all, it is important that I am where I am when I am, and it is even more important that we ended up here together.