Addie Smith

Fort Wayne, IN
Addie Smith (B.F.A., interior design, 2011) began her career as an architectural lighting designer in New York City, continued in Chicago, and currently works and resides in Denver. Originally from the Midwest, she has chased the idea of home, bringing its calm approachable essence with her to each new project. Growing a passion for vintage jazz music and dance, Smith has experienced the joy and creative fulfillment of improvisation. These experiences have influenced Smith's work in fine art as the founder and creative director of Studio Adelia. As a lover of space and light, Smith seeks to express the fullness of life and range of emotions through her paintings in the Deconstructed Impressionist style. Her work explores the complexity of identity through perception, reflection and re-imagination. Particularly, she seeks to uncover the depth of the human experience in light of divine grace.